Fergie (Singer) Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion & Family

Fergie is a renowned singer whose Ethnicity is mixed. She proudly talks about her parents’s root, religion she follow, siblings and family. She  is an extremely talented and versatile personality to have mesmerised everyone with her talented performance and expert show of her versatile genius. After all these years of her being active in her… Read More »

Matisyahu (Vocalist) Religion, Family & Ethnicity

Matisyahu is a renowned vocalist whose religious journey started during childhood time. Find out about his family background and ethnicity detail. A perfect example of breaking the norms and speaking your soul and doing what you want – Matisyahu. Known more popularly by his stage name, Matthew Paul Miller is a Hasidic rapper who has… Read More »

Mya (Singer) Ethnicity, Nationality and Family

Original name Mya Marie Harrison was born in 2007 whose ethnicity is mixed. Find out her family detail, education, religion and parents detail. Daughter of a singer and musician father, Mya has successfully followed the footsteps of her father . Born as Mya Marie Harrison on 10th October 1979 in Washington DC, in the United… Read More »

Princeton Jacob Perez Ethnicity, Religion & Family

Original name Princeton Jacob Perez was born in 1997 whose Ethnicity is mixed. Find out his family including siblings, religion and net worth detail. Princeton is the professional name of Jacob Anthony Perez who was born on 21st April 1996 in Downey, California, USA. Princeton was raised by his single mother, Teresa Perez. Jacob’s father… Read More »

Mika (Singer) Ethnicity, Religion and Family

Original name Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr. is better known as Mika shared his real Ethnicity including religion he believes, sun sign, family & education.  Born on 1983, he is of Lebanese and English descent. Mika was born in Beirut, Lebanon, the third children out of five to his parents. Mika’s father was Michael Holbrook Penniman,… Read More »

Lorde (Singer) Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality

Her real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor who is better known as Lorde is a singer. Find out her Ethnicity, nationality, religion and family detail. Today she is a famous singer and song-writer from New Zealand. Along with singing she is also in record producing and has an estimated net worth of $2million! Ella… Read More »

Hopsin (Rapper) Ethnicity, Religion & Family

His real name is Marcus Jamal Hopson who is famous as Hopsin is a well known Rapper. Checkout his Ethnicity, his family, and religion he follow. He  is one of the extremely talented artists of African- American ethnicity. He is better known by the name ‘Hopsin’ and is a renowned record producer, rapper, producer as… Read More »

Cher Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion, & Family

Renowned American singer Cher has mixed Ethnicity. Find out her nationality, the religion she follow, siblings and family detail. Being known as the most prominent pop female singer in a male dominated society, Cher has mesmerized the audience over five decades with her beautiful songs and talented acting. Her net worth is estimated to be… Read More »

Ciara (Singer) Ethnicity, Family & Nationality

Full name Ciara Princess Harris was born in Texas in 1985 and her Ethnicity if mixed. Find out her family including parents, nationality & religion she follow. Harris is the epitome of versatility. She is extraordinary in her approach to all the sectors of her life and is the very human version of the vision… Read More »

Anya Taylor Joy

British actress Anya Taylor Joy was born on 1996 has mixed ethnicity. Find out her family detail including siblings, religion, hair and eye color, height, age, personal detail. She is an actress who was born in America and later shifted to United Kingdom. She earned fame as she stepped out of her teenage years.